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Shaoxing Qianjiang Yarun Household Products Co.,Ltd

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Shaoxing Qianjiang Yarun Household Products Co., Ltd, is located at Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province.we are faomus China 14FT Trampolines Manufacturers and 14FT Trampolines factory,our company With around 80000 m2 land area and 50000 m2 floor space, we specialized in making different types of 14FT Trampolines,we With 20 years of history in the business and as the first company to export 14FT Trampolines in the area, we have accumulated a large amount of on-site experience and optimized our craft. We try hard to maintain a win-win cooperation relationship with our customers by offering our customers high quality 14FT Trampolines, competitive price, excellent service and punctual delivery.