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Where is the trend of the development of trampoline parks?

Update:13 Jul 2019

What kind of work does the development of the trampolin […]

What kind of work does the development of the trampoline park need? What are the entertainment projects in the trampoline park?
Enhance parent-child interaction
The age group of the customer group has gradually become blurred, and now it has been participated by children and adults. Children's Naughty Castle is a place for parents and children to come together, so the central idea of ​​a children's park is to surround the growth of children and the experience of parents. More and more children are naughty parks will be parents
Introduce joint participation in children's entertainment, increase parental participation, complete parent-child interaction, and add adult play proportions to extend the customer base to people other than children.
Forming a brand collaboration with the developer
Large-scale theme parks and developers form a brand collaboration method. The large-scale anime theme concept store with an area of ​​4000-10000 square meters usually has comprehensive children's formats such as amusement, retail, catering and experience, and can form a brand cooperation mode with developers. And according to the venue space and business of the shopping center
Positioning requirements, tailor-made for such large children's naughty park, is also a secondary form of current children's theme park.
Enhance the diversity of cultural venues
Cool sports, expansion, exploration and other novel theme experience projects emerge one after another. More and more parents hope that children will become more vivid, try new things and stop fighting, let children participate in some sports and search projects. At the same time, large-scale shopping malls introduce indoor children to expand, and the exploratory class experience pavilion can satisfy the needs of customers and attract passengers. On the other hand, it can also provide children with a diversified entertainment venue.
As the level of social life and death progresses from time to time, children's trampoline parks are becoming more and more one-sided. In the past, as long as they had fun, and later, they were entertaining, and now they are cultivating their children's temperament and improving their physical fitness. Children's Naughty Castle Park was not a complex children's play center, where he used to carry
More social responsibility.