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What to pay attention to when playing large amusement equipment

Update:04 Apr 2019

1. Before taking a large-scale wild amusement equipment […]

1. Before taking a large-scale wild amusement equipment, it is important to see whether these equipments are qualified for safety inspection. Most of these large-scale wild amusement equipments belong to special equipment. According to the relevant national laws and regulations, the large-scale outdoor amusement equipment in operation has a regular inspection period of one year. After passing the safety inspection and qualified equipment, there will be local quality and technical supervision bureaus in the equipment. A safe inspection qualification symbol attached to the eye-catching orientation. It is confirmed that the precautions for setting up equipment for large outdoor amusement equipment have passed the safety inspection and can be used. And don't take the equipment that has been checked for expired, unqualified or unchecked.

2. Visitors should read the contents of the passengers carefully. If you need to know in detail that people with high blood pressure, heart disease or those who are not suitable for large-scale wild amusement equipment can stop riding, don't take your own life and make fun of it. Don't ride if you are not suitable for playing. Follow the instructions on the instructions to queue up to stop the barrier.

3. Keep your own items before you ride, try not to take large-scale outdoor amusement equipment with your belongings, and you can't throw and scatter items while you are riding, and you can't eat and drink while the equipment is running.

4. Be sure to fasten the seat belt or safety bar before the equipment is running and before the equipment is stopped. Then check if it is fast or secure. When the equipment is running, the seat belt or safety bar is stopped. Untied freely. Do not extend your head, hands or body to the outside of the cockpit to avoid the risk of seizures.

5. If large-scale wild amusement equipment is in power outage during operation, when there is a sudden illness or incident, be sure to calm down and not panic. Do not arbitrarily get out of the equipment without the on-site staff telling them, follow the staff organization, Order to withdraw or wait for rescue.