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What games can you play on the trampotline

Update:21 Jun 2019

Warm-up exercise The large trampotline is a combination […]

Warm-up exercise
The large trampo
tline is a combination of sports and entertainment, which allows people to keep fit while at the same time, so the amusement park will set up a warm-up area at the entrance to the trampoline, so that all customers will warm up before entering the market. The movement is very simple, mainly moving the head, shoulders, waist, knees, handcuffs and ankles.
The aerobics on the large bed is an indispensable part. The coach can teach all the big friends to complete some basic exercises on the bed, with some simple technical movements, step by step teaching, these actions can make the big friends and children in the trampoline Played on it for a while
This is a part that children like, and the coach performs difficult moves in the professional large trampoline area, constantly welcoming the bursts of applause and screams of the children. There’s also dancing on the bed, watching the dancing on the ground, jumping on the trampoline with the rhythm of music.
It’s too fun to play.
Children can’t be addicted to it, so this interactive part is to let the children participate in it and play a tumbler game. As long as the children push the coach brother down on the trampoline, they won, and they can get a copy. A small gift from the amusement park merchant is free.
Not very powerful, but also prove yourself in front of your peers, increase your sense of self-confidence and accomplishment.