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What are the safety standards for trampoline parks?

Update:19 Jul 2019

Trampoline Park grasps the market dynamics. Better, mor […]

Trampoline Park grasps the market dynamics. Better, more complete and updated game equipment is here. It is fun and educational, play and learn, water, windmill, fun slide, magical slide and other series of entertainment games. To meet the needs of children, pay attention to the comprehensive development of children's moral and intellectual, what are the safety standards and emergency measures for these children's play equipment? Let's take a look now.
Eating, drinking and having fun is everyone's nature, let alone the children's love. Of course, children often play in amusement parks. Parents who play outdoors can't stay with them from time to time. The safety is not very high, so many parents choose indoor amusement parks. Indoor children's amusement park operators should frequently change equipment according to their nature, such as: naughty castle equipment, Philharmonic equipment, indoor electric naughty equipment. These devices are not safe, and parents have certain doubts. What safety standards does the amusement park equipment have for parents to rest assured?
[Safety standards for amusement park equipment]
1. Safety insurance measures
The passenger structure of the rides in the air, the overall structure should be firm and reliable, and its important parts should take insurance measures. The number of wire ropes or chains used for hanging the passenger part shall not be less than two. The connection to the seat part must be considered to be balanced when disconnected.
2, passenger safety restraint device
When the ride is in operation, it is possible for the passenger to be moved, collided, or slipped out of the ride, and a rider restraint device must be provided. For more dangerous rides, two sets of restraint devices should be considered when necessary. Seat belts, safety bars, levers, etc. can be used.
3. Safety of safety fences and platforms
Safety fences shall be set up and exited separately, and guide fences shall be provided at the entrances. The platform shall have anti-skid measures. The safety fence door opening direction should be the same as the passenger's direction of travel (except in special cases). To prevent injury to the person's hand when closing the door, the gap between the door frame and the column should be appropriate, or take other protective measures.
4. Other safety requirements
The rides should be provided with eye-catching safety signs where necessary. The safety signs are divided into four types: prohibition mark (red), warning mark (), command mark (blue), and prompt mark (green). Exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions are not allowed where passengers can reach.
Children's play equipment
【Emergency measures】
1. In the case of boarding and other amusement equipment including revolution and rotation, if there is any discomfort, please immediately indicate to the staff with gestures and expressions. The staff will promptly stop the machine and arrange the unwell visitors according to the specific situation. Rest or.
2, large-scale power outages caused the amusement equipment to stop, do not panic, as long as the staff arranged, can fully activate the mechanical, manual, standby electric power to guide tourists safely to a safe place.
3. In the event of a fire, passengers are often unable to move passively by the safety equipment and can only passively wait for rescue, thus losing their ability to escape. Therefore, when you board the equipment for amusement, you should pay more attention to the presence of flammable materials around you and report the staff in time.