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What are the issues that must be considered in the trampoline park?

Update:06 Sep 2019

What factors need to be considered if investing in a tr […]

What factors need to be considered if investing in a trampoline park? In business negotiations, as long as we are investing, we all hope to get a return, then let's talk about the factors that need to be considered when investing in a trampoline park!
1. What age is the age of the children, 0-6 years old without primary school, or 3-12 years old?
2. If it is a trampoline park with commercial charges, what is the size of the venue? If the venue is small, the playability is low, and your long-term business will be restricted.
3, indoor trampoline park is divided into two types: one is the traditional trampoline park, static equipment, advantages: low cost, shortcomings: poor health, less interactive; the other is a comprehensive trampoline park, advantages: There are many novel projects and parent-child interaction projects, which can be freely chosen, with high safety and health factors and openness, giving people a bright feeling.
4. The operation of the indoor trampoline park project is recommended to be located in large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, etc. Popularity decides everything! A good business site is one of the hardware indicators for the park's ongoing operations. When selecting a site, the trampoline park should evaluate the flow of people around the site and the surrounding business prospects. At the same time, we must also consider whether it is necessary to go through the relevant procedures for industry and commerce, taxation and fire protection.
5. Marketing: promotion of trampoline park promotion, pricing of park tickets (sub-card, monthly card, annual card according to actual situation), establishment of paradise member files, cooperation and interaction with institutions related to children's nature, etc.
6. Indoor trampoline park management: Recruit suitable park staff, train the staff of the park, and strengthen the cultivation of responsibility. It is recommended to recruit teachers with early childhood experience, so that it is enough to guide children to play correctly, and can Activities in the park to increase the playability of the park and so on.
7. Software: In the short-term, the park can attract children through the novelty of the equipment. The long-term sustainable operation of the park must have its own characteristics, and the park operators need to have innovation. Differentiating competitors in the same industry is the key to long-term success.