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What are the functional items of the large indoor trampoline park?

Update:10 Aug 2019

The large indoor trampoline park function play area—the […]

The large indoor trampoline park function play area—the trampoline slam dunk, originated from the foreign Slambo trampoline basketball form, and satisfies the handsome action of the dunk with a large difficulty coefficient on the basketball court!

Trampoline Park combines the characteristics of basketball, dodgeball, gymnastics and other sports features. It uses the elastic mesh bed as the support point. At the moment of jumping, the dodgeball (crocodile ball) dunks into the basketball hoop. Today, the Pocket House Trampoline Park has standardized trampoline slam dunks, and is equipped with basketball stands for children and adults of different heights, which are loved by customers and players.

The essence of trampoline slam dunk
It is a comprehensive trampoline sports project that combines strength, skill, tactics and entertainment. It greatly enriches the tricks of the trampoline paradise. The cool impact and sensory experience brought by the trampoline slam dunk is unmatched by other amusement equipments. It not only inherits the traditional basketball, but also breaks through the traditional gameplay mode. Under the blessing of the trampoline, the player is more powerful and free to do whatever he wants. Doing all kinds of dunking actions, you can show the vitality and freedom of the players, and build self-confidence and satisfaction in the continuous breakthrough.

Trampoline slam dunk structure
A trampoline slam dunk area consists of a grid of plaques, and a soft bag is placed between the raking surfaces and the spring joint between the shovel and the steel frame to prevent injury. One end of the trampoline mesh surface is provided with basketball stands of two different heights according to children and adult players. Whether it's bounced to an exciting high altitude or carrying them safely, you can create a unique sporting experience. Similar to the basketball court, the entire trampoline slam dunk area is surrounded by a 1.2 m high wall purse to ensure that it will not be ejected outside the safe area.

Trampoline slam dunk rules
The trampoline slam dunk can be divided into multi-player competitions, each game is 5 minutes. During the game, the body can't touch the soft surface, and it must not go beyond the kneading area. The scoring rule is that the three-grid net-out jumper basket is three points, the dunk is 3 points, and the rest is 2 points. After the game is used up, the score is statistically calculated. The highest winner wins.