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What are the benefits of a child going to a trampoline park?

Update:01 Nov 2019

What benefits does the trampoline park bring to childre […]

What benefits does the trampoline park bring to children? What other equipment is there in the trampoline park? Every parent wants to make their children more and more intelligent, and they can grow smartly and happily while being naughty and playing. The wish of every parent is that their children become the best one, both in terms of intelligence and physical strength.
According to expert research, due to the vestibular system in the human central nervous system, it has the function of detecting gravity, maintaining body balance and promoting the development of other nervous systems. Therefore, when the vestibular system is dysfunctional, it will not only affect the child's balance and movement response, but will even reduce learning ability. Therefore, how to use the children's play facilities to help children develop the function of the vestibular system is really worth noting.
Children's play trampoline parks, usually including naughty castles, have swinging devices such as swings, slides, etc.; bumper cars, rotating small mushrooms, energy whirlpools, etc. These playground equipment can promote the development of various neurological systems in children, including the vestibular nervous system, the motor nervous system, the tactile nervous system, and so on.
(1) Activities of shaking and acceleration. The equipment for this type of activity includes a swing slide in the naughty castle, electric toys and so on. After the baby can sit still, he can ride the gems, sit on the electric toy or slide the small slide, and provide the stimulation of the vestibular system with a large amount of acceleration and sudden decrease speed, so that the child's nerve pathway is smooth. After 3 years old, he can also let him swing, slide, and take the small train, so that they can enjoy endless fun in the increase and decrease of the speed of feeling.
(2) Rotating activities. The equipment has rotating mushrooms, wooden horses, etc. Most children like to hold the rotation, but some children are afraid of rotation, because his brain can't adapt to the rotation stimulation. Therefore, when children with fear of rotation play kindergarten slides, don't force them to play games that rotate too fast, but play games with large arcs and slow rotation speeds, such as sitting on a small train, so that the adjustment function of their vestibular system is The opportunity is slowly strengthened. Children who like to rotate can let them play these rotating activities. As for the children who especially like to rotate, because their vestibular system has insufficient response to the stimulation input, they can let them sit more and rotate quickly, so that the slow vestibular system can get stronger stimulation and help normalize.
(3) Activities against gravity and balance. The equipment for this type of activity includes climbing slides, inflatable castles, naughty castles, etc. Against gravity, it is one of the survival instincts of animals growing on earth. Infants and young children also need to learn from their various game activities to determine their relationship with the ground, in order to establish a sense of balance and form a visual space concept.
Smart parents choose to nurture their children through the naughty castle of children. In children's naughty castles, children's nature will not be oppressed. On the contrary, they are free to release their naive side. Although they have strict requirements for their children, whether in study or in life, they know how to get their children released. In the Naughty Fortress of Xintiandi, we saw parents and children playing together or laughing. Or play, the children drilled in various props, and suddenly, the parents stayed close to each other, while encouraging and enjoying it. It is because they know that children need both exercise and relaxation. As my uncle said, a person is not fun because of intelligence, but because he is fun and smart.