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Trampolines Safety: 5 Guidelines Every Parent Should Follow

Update:03 Apr 2020

A lot of parents don't realize just how dangerous tradi […]

A lot of parents don't realize just how dangerous traditional trampolines can be, but in recent years, experts have been drawing some more attention to the problems presented by their design elements. In fact, studies show that over 100,000 children receive medical attention on an annual basis due to injuries they received while jumping on a trampoline. This doesn't necessarily mean, however, that they shouldn't use them at all.
After all, they also have many health benefits, and with a little awareness beforehand, almost all injuries can be prevented.
1 - Get the Right Model
The first thing you need to do is make the right purchase. First off, consider safety in design. Some of the most common issues are children flying off the children trampoline, getting pinched by springs, hitting the frame, safety padding coming loose, and bottoming out. Even a dog walking underneath the surface can present a big danger. So talk to the salesman or manufacturer and ask them what they are doing to prevent these design problems.
2 - Don't Let Kids Jump Together
Rule number one—don't let kids pile on to the trampoline and jump all at the same time. It is far too common for jumpers to be launched into each other by a chaotic bounce and receive bodily injury.
3 - Set it Up Properly
It's always important to set something up like this properly because all the design savvy in the world won't mean anything if you are haphazard about setup. Make sure you follow the directions exactly, and instruct your children to inform you any time something is coming loose or falling apart—whether it be padding coming off of the springs or the frame giving more on one end as something comes loose.
4 - Always Supervise
Supervision with a trampoline is a must. Just make sure you are around when children are playing and can at least check up on them every once in a while to make sure they aren't getting out of hand.
5 - Get the Right Sized Trampoline
Also, consider the size of your trampoline. You want to keep it far away from other structures and objects on all sides—that means if you have a small yard, don't try to fit a big square trampoline in there. Instead, consider an 8ft trampoline, which only needs 16 foot of space but still provides plenty of fun. On the other side of the spectrum, if your kids are getting bigger or adults will be on it, and 8ft trampoline is probably too small and can break.
So keep all this in mind when making your trampoline purchase. Safety should always come first.