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Trampoline Safety: Minimize The Risks Of Traditional Design

Update:29 Feb 2020

When you first get your trampoline, you will probably h […]

When you first get your trampoline, you will probably have a million ideas racing through your mind. Most of those ideas undoubtedly center around using the trampoline for the first time, but before you do, there are a number of things that you will need to take into consideration. These are of course the safety precautions that you will need to take to not only be effective on the trampoline, but also to ensure no serious injuries occur.

Setting it Up

If you have not opted for a spring-free trampoline, it would be a good idea to make sure all of the springs are in place. If you find that you are missing a spring, you will need to acquire a replacement before you can actually use the trampoline. You could in theory just start jumping, but without the tension of all the springs, it could actually pose a risk to you and anyone else who attempts to use it.

Ground Clearance

The bottom of the trampoline needs to be clear of obstacles. You have without a doubt taken note of the nets that are available for trampolines, but you should also try to put a mesh fence around the outside of the trampoline to prevent people or animals from crawling underneath. The last thing you want to do is kick the family dog in the face on the way down.

Safety Netting

We mentioned safety nets before, and these are a great way to ensure no one flies off of the trampoline. We all know that the jumping can become a bit reckless, so make sure they are always supervised, but in addition to that, you would do well to make sure the poles supporting the net are well padded, and if at all possible, curved outwards. If your poles are straight, they can cause serious injury in the event that someone lands on them.


Have safety rules for your trampoline! This is perhaps the most important advice I can give to a new trampoline owner. The rules will be up to you, but I recommend that you only allow one person at a time on the device, and even more importantly, no jumping off—children should climb off from a sitting position. By implementing rules, you will ensure that everyone remains safe, and when a rule is broken, stop use of the trampoline immediately.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to keep your trampoline safe. So long as you adhere to them, you should have an enjoyable experience in your own backyard without having to worry so much about the associated risks.