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Trampoline Park Safety Code(2)

Update:10 Jun 2019

9. Impact frame. When jumping, the user should stay in […]

9. Impact frame. When jumping, the user should stay in the center of the trampoline. Losing balance and hitting the frame can cause physical injury. Do not jump directly onto the safety mat.
10. Move from the trampoline incorrectly to the floor or platform area. Improper movement can cause an ankle sprain or other injury. Please walk from the trampoline to the floor area.
11. Foreign objects. Jumping when there is a foreign body can also increase the chance of physical injury. Foreign objects include keys, mobile phones and cameras.
Insufficient technical level. Trying to make difficult moves beyond your skills and abilities can cause serious physical injury, paralysis or death.
12. The above list is not comprehensive and we are unable to list all activities that may result in personal injury. Please check all health conditions before jumping, including (but not limited to) asthma, diabetes, pregnancy, etc.
13. Staff: The staff of the park will patrol the entire park to ensure that everyone complies with the safety rules of the hospital. The staff will assist you in using safe methods to jump and provide assistance when needed.
14. Personal Items: Any personal property brought into or stored in the Park shall be irresponsible if it is lost or stolen.
15. Spring: The park has covered all the springs in the trampoline with a cushion to prevent the user from landing on the spring and steel frame, through the spring and steel frame or between the spring and the steel frame.
16. Equipment: Venue staff will regularly maintain and maintain equipment and will be inspected according to the maintenance code to identify any worn parts and replace them.
17. Soft and metal frame: The park has taken active measures to ensure that all metal frames in the jump range are wrapped in soft bags to avoid user injury.
18. Seine: The park will set up a fence to ensure that users are active in the trampoline. Do not intentionally hit the fence to cause unnecessary injury.
19, anti-slip socks: the park has available anti-slip socks. These socks allow the user to have a little more elasticity on the trampoline.
20. The safety sign has been posted at the entrance of the park. In case everyone inadvertently forgets these rules while playing in the park, the staff of the park will be happy to remind you during the use.