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Trampoline Park Safety Code

Update:31 May 2019

1. Warning: Anyone who fails to comply with the followi […]

1. Warning: Anyone who fails to comply with the following rules and posted in the park may cause serious injury, paralysis or death.
2. Don't "deliberately bounce" other people, that is, don't try to play another high trampoline user by calculating the time you spend on the trampoline. This can happen when the distance to other people on the trampoline is close, so everyone should avoid having other people nearby.
Beat at the same time. Larger users "deliberately bounce" are particularly dangerous for shorter users.
4. Please wear appropriate clothing. Do not hang zippers, belts and ropes on clothing. Please remove all jewelry, empty your pocket, and remember not to carry or chew gum or candy.
5. Never try dangerous fancy moves. Fancy and other fancy moves are very dangerous. Users must have sufficient skills to take action to avoid harming themselves or others, and all risks are at your own risk.
6. Be alert. Be careful with other users beside them. Please jump with users who are similar in size.
Can't climb. Do not climb or climb the net, nor touch the basketball device.
7. Never use a trampoline after taking drugs or drinking alcohol.
8. Do not obstruct, push or engage in any other action that may unnecessarily interfere with another user's jump or affect their attention. Never run on a trampoline or take a relay race.