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Trampoline is the most obvious method

Update:30 Nov 2018

Among many children with a sense of dissonance, balance […]

Among many children with a sense of dissonance, balance, coordination, and vestibular sensation are the most fundamental and most important. There are many training methods for these points, among which the spring trampoline is the most common and obvious method.

Many children's playgrounds have flexible trampolines, and small trampolines or Simmons mattresses for family health can play the same role. Its role is reflected in its jumping movement to help the integration of the vestibular sensation, to cultivate a sense of balance, and to train the child's hand-eye coordination, which is very helpful for the child's self-motivation and the maturity of sports planning. The trampoline also helps the child's emotional stability.

In fact, jumping is a sport that children can't ignore in the early stages of their growth. When the child is 6 or 7 months old, he likes to be jumped by his mother. At this time, he can cooperate with his movements, let him jump up and down. When the child uses the pedals, the power will enter the toes and the soles of the feet. Stimulate his brain and develop his sense of balance while jumping. When the child is standing relatively stable, he can also let him play a jumping game on the sofa or on the spring bed. The parents can hold the child's two squats or pull the child's hands to let him enjoy the bounce. It is also possible for the child to jump on the armrest and then develop to no support, free jump, and do some throwing action.