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Trampoline exercise is a comprehensive exercise

Update:29 Mar 2019

Trampoline exercise is a comprehensive exercise that co […]

Trampoline exercise is a comprehensive exercise that combines fitness, entertainment, appreciation and competition. It is very helpful to the human body in the entertainment, and is summarized as follows:

1. Can prevent or reduce obesity performance

Compared to general sports such as jogging, trampoline exercise is more energy-efficient than calorie fitness. According to the data, a trampoline that continues to beat for ten minutes is equivalent to calories burned for half an hour. Therefore, persisting in the small flying man trampoline exercise for a long time helps to promote the body's innovation, and can improve and improve fat oxidation and prevent the performance of obesity.

2. Can prevent disease

The large trampoline beating movement can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids, and then achieve the effect of preventing and alleviating diseases. Such as the ability to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, prevent kidney stones, enhance heart and lung function, balance blood pressure, improve physical coordination, help sleep and so on.

3. Have oxygen effect

Trampoline exercise is also an excellent aerobic exercise. Xiaofeixia trampoline exercise can promote blood circulation, enhance blood oxygen carrying capacity, and then improve human immunity and reduce the probability of cancer attack.

4. Amazing entertainment

The trampoline activity is not only an excellent fitness activity, but also an amazing entertainment. Human talent is soaring, it is also a beautiful memory of many people in childhood, so the small flying man trampoline movement is enough to keep children away from the charm of sofas and computers. As far as adults are concerned, monotonous running, skipping and other general sports are not comparable to trampoline sports. It can both enjoy the body and mind and play the trampoline. The benefits of the trampoline are almost perfect!