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The modern trampoline

Update:22 Dec 2018

The modern trampoline began to evolve from the American […]

The modern trampoline began to evolve from the American diving champion George Nissen in the 1930s, which is similar to today's traditional trampoline. At first he just used the trampoline to help his diving and flip training, and later founded the "Nissens trampoline company." During the Second World War, the United States used the trampoline to train the pilots and pilots' positioning skills and achieved good results. Later, it gradually became a sport, which was widely carried out in middle schools and universities in the United States. In 1947, the United States held the first national trampoline exhibition in Texas. It was included in the official competition in 1948 and later introduced to Europe. In 1958, the United Kingdom began the All-British Trampoline Championship. In 1964, the first World Trampoline Championship was held in the United Kingdom. In 1969, the first European Trampoline Championship was held in Paris, France. The trampoline movement of the 27th Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 was included for the first time and became a formal Olympic competition. There were two male and female projects, and 12 athletes from each project participated in the competition.