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Specific items and requirements about trampolines

Update:02 Nov 2018

Like other types of amusement parks, trampolines have s […]

Like other types of amusement parks, trampolines have some specific items and requirements to be noted. So, what are the requirements for the trampoline park site?

First, the fire exit requirements of the trampoline park site

1. There should be no less than two safe passage exits in the trampoline park. It is best to have a separate fire safety entrance and exit; when the trampoline park is built in a high-rise building, an independent safe passage must be provided and the fire exit Do not place any obstacles.

2. Electrical equipment should be laid in accordance with the requirements of the code. When the pipe is in place, when using a large power appliance, keep a sufficient safety distance from the combustibles.

3. It is necessary to formulate practical emergency evacuation plans, and organize regular drills to keep the evacuation channels open. There must be a safe passage between 1.5 and 1.8 meters inside the site.

4. Fire-fighting equipment should be equipped according to the equipment, including fire extinguishers, evacuation signs and emergency lighting for fire accidents.

Second, the trampoline park site ground and pillar requirements

The shape of the site should be as regular as possible, the ground should be level, the ventilation should be good, and the pillars inside the site should be as small as possible.

Third, the height requirements of the trampoline park site

For children's trampoline parks, the net height of the site needs to reach 4.2m, and the net height of the site for adults needs to reach 5.2m or more. Generally, we recommend that the net height of the site can reach 6m or better, so that the use of the population is not limited by the age, the overall experience will be better, not too depressed, and some projects with higher requirements are not restricted. .

Fourth, the trampoline park site area requirements

Indoor trampoline park site size We recommend: generally more than 700 square meters in the first and second tier cities, 300-500 square meters in the third and fourth tier cities, can make the customer experience the best and quickly bring profit, specifically need to refer to the population and consumption habits of the local city Wait. It is worth mentioning that in a comprehensive indoor trampoline, the trampoline equipment itself generally only accounts for 60% to 75% of the entire site, and the rest is used for supporting facilities such as cafes, viewing tables, receptions, etc.