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Some suggestions for operating an indoor trampoline

Update:06 Dec 2019

Super trampoline is a new type of popular indoor trampo […]

Super trampoline is a new type of popular indoor trampoline amusement sport in recent years. Both adults and children can fully relax their bodies and moods and perform various sports and games on the trampoline. There are usually trampoline adult area, children's area, playing area, slam dunk area, etc., so that trampoline enthusiasts are not limited to just jumping, they can also experience the feeling of flying slam dunk, which improves the diversity and fun of trampoline. In addition to weight loss and bodybuilding, the trampoline does not lose any other exercise in terms of releasing stress and maintaining balance of body and mind. Studies have shown that bouncing is not only beneficial to adults, but also very helpful for children's physical function and coordinated development, and it is also beneficial for children's height growth and brain development.
1. To build a trampoline park, site selection is the top priority and a necessary condition for successful operation. So before starting a project, we must do the following three things: market positioning, market research, and site survey.
Market positioning: We need to have a basic positioning on the trampoline park, such as player objects and venue size. If the main target is the age range of 3-12 years, the venue can be around 300 square meters. If it is for all ages, it is recommended to be above 600.
Market research: Although the profit of the trampoline park is very high, there is a certain risk as long as it is invested, but the risk is relatively low, so it is necessary to do market research on the site.
1) Analysis of market demand and potential, including population, economic level, income level, consumption capacity, etc .;
2) Analysis of industry trends, large economic environment trends, people's consumption expenditure levels, and the operation of sports and recreational venues in the region to understand the development potential of the region, such as video arcades, bowling alleys, fitness centers, etc.
3) Competitive analysis, whether there are competitors.
Site survey: The trampoline site requires a regular shape, few columns, and a height of 5.2 meters or more. These requirements determine the difficulty of finding the site.
2. Considering that teenagers are the main target of trampoline, it is generally recommended to choose places close to schools, commercial centers, large supermarkets, gyms, comprehensive playgrounds and other places where teenagers are concentrated.