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Pros and cons of female trampolines

Update:14 Dec 2019

Trampoline is very popular in European countries. Not o […]

Trampoline is very popular in European countries. Not only children like it, many families also use trampoline as a kind of fitness equipment. Therefore, many families will have a relatively small fitness trampoline, which can even be folded up and stored in the corner of the storage room.
China's awareness of trampoline is relatively late. In recent years, with the emergence of various trampoline theme parks such as the air factory trampoline hall and trampoline, the trampoline has slowly started to catch fire and is gradually accepted by the Chinese.
Due to the improvement of living standards, many women are also troubled by obesity, suffering from lack of time and no place to exercise. Although the gym is a good choice, it is not possible to go every day. Can we also buy a fitness trampoline to lose weight? What are the advantages and disadvantages of female trampolines?
In fact, women's trampoline has many benefits, which can play the role of oxygen, prevent or reduce obesity, relax the body and mind, and improve physical fitness.
1, oxygen, trampoline is a very good aerobic exercise, can promote blood circulation and improve human immunity.
2. Prevent or reduce obesity. Compared with ordinary jogging, the trampoline has a relatively large amount of activity and is a very good calorie-consuming exercise. The data shows that ten minutes of continuous jumping is equivalent to the calories consumed by jogging for half an hour.
3. Relaxing your body and mind and exercising a lot can not only make us burn calories, but also make our body and mind happy, and reduce stress.
4. Promote metabolism. Trampoline exercise can promote the circulation of blood, lymph fluid and various body fluids throughout the body, thereby achieving the effect of preventing and reducing diseases. Such as reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels, preventing kidney stones, enhancing cardiopulmonary function, balancing blood pressure, improving physical coordination, and helping sleep.
However, trampoline exercise also has some risks, such as overload exercise, which may damage our leg joints. If you plan to perform trampoline exercise, you must follow the rules of trampoline to avoid harm to your body.
The rules are as follows:
① Check if you have insurance for trampoline injuries.
② The trampoline should be placed on the ground or on a horizontal surface, and in a place where there is no danger around it, such as beside a fence and under a big tree, it is strictly prohibited.
③ The trampoline should have enough protective pads, and the pads should be in good condition and in a proper position. If possible, it is best to install a safety net.
④ The protective pad, net cover and any other damaged parts should be checked frequently and replaced properly. If the replaced trampoline parts cannot be used, or the product is worn or damaged, the trampoline should be discarded and not used again.