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Precautions when practicing trampoline

Update:27 Apr 2019

The trampoline manufacturer reminds you to pay attentio […]

The trampoline manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the practice of trampoline:

1. The suitable age for trampoline is 3-45 years old. Parents or guardians must be under 6 years old, otherwise they will not be on the trampoline.

2. Never use the body when it is out of balance. Hand support net, prefer to fall down, pay attention to both hands holding the chest, even if it is popped up, do not hold hands. In addition, you should be careful about the waist injury during the practice. The most damage to the trampoline athletes is the waist and ankle. Because the impact force when falling is very large, the height of the trampoline can not be too high for the untrained person.

3, the trampoline manufacturers reminded that in the practice of trampoline, it is strictly forbidden to push people, pull people, hit people, chase each other, turn over the head in the trampoline, otherwise the consequences will be conceited, for example, because the above field staff repeatedly persuaded and stopped listening, for other exercises. Personnel safety considerations will clear the person out of the trampoline;

4. For the health of you and others, smoking is strictly prohibited in the trampoline;

5. Please do not climb the guardrail, do not throw objects into the trampoline, rest table and trampoline;

6.The trampoline manufacturers reminded that it is strictly forbidden to carry controlled knives, flammable and explosive materials, corrosive articles, etc., which may endanger the public safety of the venues and items prohibited by laws and regulations in China from entering the trampoline.

7. After entering the trampoline area, please listen to the coach. Unified arrangement.