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How to use a trampoline

Update:08 Dec 2018

How to use a trampoline? 1. The sparring person and the […]

How to use a trampoline?

1. The sparring person and the child sit on the trampoline and use the elasticity of the trampoline to swing up and down with the body as a support.

2, the spring trampoline for the children who dare not go up, in order to reduce his fear, the parents or teachers can start to jump on the trampoline.

3, let the child lying on the trampoline, standing and jumping by the sparring, the child will bounce, let the child feel the feeling of ups and downs on the trampoline.

4, let the child prone on the trampoline, the head and neck force lifted up, the chest as high as possible, can strengthen the feeling of the vestibular system, promote the formation of the body muscles.

5. Let the child jump freely on the trampoline, or jump on the trampoline with both hands, or play the game with the instructor.

6. Let the child jump on the trampoline while putting the ball in the hand into the designated basket.

7. Hang a balloon above the trampoline to let the child hit the target each time it jumps. You can also hang a basket on the trampoline to let the child jump into the net when jumping. This game can help the child to help in the midair, with the correct vestibular inherent feeling, to judge the visual space, the coordination of the opponent's eyes and the body image.

8. Let the two children stand side by side and stand on the trampoline to jump together, or pull a small hula hoop together to jump, so as to train the ability to coordinate with the other side, through the eyeball in the beating, to enhance the stability of the vision.