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How to open a trampoline hall, what are the advantages of the trampoline park industry

Update:28 Dec 2019

Trampoline is a type of traditional gymnastics. It has […]

Trampoline is a type of traditional gymnastics. It has strong entertainment and fitness. It also has better weight loss and fitness effects than conventional sports. The trampoline park combined with the trampoline interactive projection game enhances the fun and interactivity of the venue, and is deeply loved by players. More and more cities can see trampoline park amusement projects, and trampoline park investment has become a new hot spot in the entertainment business market. However, judging from market data, most of the Trampolines Manufacturers investments are newcomers who cannot move forward. A new project does not have much understanding and experience for investors, so there are still a lot of doubts about investing in trampoline parks.
So is the trampoline park worth investing in? How about a trampoline park? What are its characteristics and advantages?
1. The trampoline park industry has a wide audience
The trampoline park does not have much restrictions on the customer crowd. Basically, people aged 3-50 can play. In addition to the regular ticket income, trampoline parks can also undertake group activities of various organizations and enterprises, parent-child parties, birthday parties, events, and other group activities, with a wide range of revenue sources.
2. Trampoline park has a unique experience
"Rotate, jump, take off, land ... I was planted by this cool, fashionable and novel way of movement in no time. Regardless of his troubles, all jumped off and jumped off ~ Super healing power max!" From The trampoline player gasped.
Diversified and entertaining entertainment experience methods, so that every player who comes to the trampoline park can completely free himself. Through the experience in the trampoline hall, colleagues who release work and life stress can also play an important role in coordination of physical exercise and intellectual development. Entertainment and physical exercise are both correct.
3. Diversity and fun of trampoline park projects
Trampoline fancy slam dunks are hot and exciting. With the elasticity of the trampoline, it rebounds sharply and instantly. After making various movements in the air shortly from the gravity, the basketball is dunked into the hoop basketball area, which makes many boys own and professional athletes. The same superb slam dunk action easily realizes the trapeze slam dunk dream.