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How to maintain the children's trampoline in summer

Update:05 May 2019

As summer approaches, the temperature is slowly rising. […]

As summer approaches, the temperature is slowly rising. Perhaps you are not aware that the amusement equipment such as children's trampolines are actually getting faster and faster in high temperature environments. So how do you make a good maintenance plan in this upcoming summer:
1. The trampoline manufacturer tells you that, first of all, the most important thing is the top shaded awning, umbrella and the like. After all, the sun is exposed, and children are more likely to have heatstroke. But this is a small trampoline equipment that is suitable for small trampolines.
 2. For those large trampolines, many of my friends seem to have no way to parry. In fact, a technique called physical cooling can be used. The so-called physical cooling, that is to say, in the absence of guests, or when there are fewer guests, you can try to use your water spray to cool down your equipment, which can greatly reduce the temperature and maintenance. This method is more suitable for children's trampolines, large trampolines, etc., which are not suitable for building sunshade equipment.
3. As a parent, children's safety and health are the things they should consider. If the summer is more than 30 degrees, children must play the trampoline and naughty castle, parents must not agree, right?