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How to let children go to bed early?

Update:21 Sep 2019

The first trick: create a sleep atmosphere at home If t […]

The first trick: create a sleep atmosphere at home
If the family sleeps late, the sound of the TV and the conversation will come and go, making the child feel that they have not yet slept. Parents are advised to go to sleep time, to create a sleeping atmosphere for the children, including dimming the lights, turning off the TV set, adults are no longer talking loudly, and even need to fall asleep together, so that the child feels sleep time is up.
Parents can also let the children do some sleep preparation work, such as brushing teeth, washing their face, washing their feet, making beds, etc. This process seems simple, but it is psychological suggestion to the children, let them know that they should sleep.
The second trick: avoid brain excitement one hour before going to bed
Many children have been playing very hard during sleep, so that the brain is so excited that they can't sleep. It is generally recommended that parents don't play too crazy for an hour before they go to bed. Don't play games that make the brain excited. For example, playing with children and playing hide and seek, it is best to adjust the child's mood to a calm mode. For example, mother can tell the child. Sleeping stories, playing soothing music before going to bed, singing songs, etc. help your child develop sleep and reduce the time required to fall asleep.
The third measure: don't sleep too long during the day
Most of the children who slept in the daytime did not sleep well at night, and studies have confirmed that children who have insufficient sleep during the night and sleep during the day are not only slower in growth and development, but also have poor attention, memory, creativity and motor skills. If the child sleeps too much during the day, parents can consciously wake up the child, adjust to overcome the "black and white upside down", and avoid letting the child sleep for three or four hours or even longer.