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How to choose the inspection site for the trampoline park?

Update:15 Jun 2019

Now many people are confused and don't know what indust […]

Now many people are confused and don't know what industry they want to invest in. They want to do a trampoline park but don't know how to choose the venue. How much does it cost? Let the boss Liu of the trampoline park introduce you to the opening of the trampoline park!
1. To build a trampoline paradise, the venue is the most important thing, and it is also a necessary condition for successful operation. Before the site selection, the following three points must be clear: site specificity, basic positioning, and research necessity.
1 Site specificity requirements: The trampoline site requires shape rules, the number of columns is small, and the height is 5.2 meters or more. These requirements determine the difficulty of the site search.
2 Basic positioning: Investors need to have a basic positioning of the built trampoline park, such as player objects, venue size, etc. If the age group is 3-12 years old, the venue can be up to 300 levels. If it is for all ages, it is recommended to be above 600 ping.
3 Necessity of research: Trampoline is a risky but high return on investment, so it is necessary to do market research on the site.
l Market research - 1) Analysis of market demand and potential, including population, economic level, income level, consumption capacity, etc.; 2) Analysis of industry trends, surveying the operation of cultural and recreational playgrounds in the target area to understand the development of the area Potential, such as electric game halls, bowling alleys, gymnasiums, etc. 3) Competitive analysis, whether there are competitors; investors need to comprehensively consider to get the target area.
l Property evaluation - 1) People flow test, customer ability comparison, visibility and convenience considerations, etc., in order to get a good position and reasonable choice. 2) Understand the market price, area division, engineering property supporting conditions and the nature of the property rights, etc., according to the investment budget, choose a cost-effective venue.
2. Considering that the general trampoline is mainly for teenagers, the choice of venues is generally recommended to be close to schools, commercial centers, large supermarkets, gyms, comprehensive playgrounds and other places where young people are concentrated.