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How does the trampoline park fix the trampoline?

Update:09 Oct 2019

1. The trampoline lock column head includes a column he […]

1. The trampoline lock column head includes a column head body coupled to a column head rod; the product of the column head body has a transparent cable hole laterally, the lower hole of the cable hole is for accommodating the cable, and the cable hole has a cable inlet The inner mouth of the product enters the inner opening of the cable and communicates with the outer opening of the cable; at the upper edge of the outer opening of the cable, a resilient lock plate is fixed;
2. In the lower part of the outer opening of the cable, a retaining cable portion is used to catch the cable; the elastic locking plate of the product comprises a fixing portion which is closely coupled with the main body of the column head; an elastic portion connects the fixing portion and the lock plate; Under the push of external force, shift to the upper edge position, after the external force is removed, the lock plate returns to the block
The position of the lock plate boss is similar. Compared with the prior art, the trampoline lock cable column head has a simple structure and is convenient to use, and the cable is not easy to be detached after being embedded, and the smooth and round shape of the utility model does not hurt the user, and is convenient for people's life and entertainment.