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How about the design and safety of children's trampolines!

Update:05 Jul 2019

I also know about the trampoline, so what is the design […]

I also know about the trampoline, so what is the design concept of the children's trampoline? What are the safety problems of the children's trampoline after the design is completed? Let us walk into the world of trampolines!
The design safety of children's trampolines, many of my friends have heard of children's trampoline, see you have seen, but rarely play to play, for the safety of trampoline, everyone should be very concerned, I think this The generals of the trampoline manufacturer Ruixue Amusement Co., Ltd. will analyze and answer the safety of this kind of children's trampoline equipment. I hope to provide you with a reference. .
Children's trampolines are usually made up of several mechanical devices that are connected at one end to a fixed support and at the other end to an elastic mesh surface. Trampoline is not only an Olympic sport, but also a favorite game for most children. Regular trampoline exercise can promote the development of children's bones and muscle growth, but due to the problems of the equipment itself and the way of exercise, the trampoline itself has certain safety hazards. For the safety of athletes and entertainers, the trampoline Research on safety performance is necessary.
Below, I will list 4 points for your reference.
1. Propose reasonable assumptions and establish appropriate mathematical models to list kinematic equations based on the model. The assumptions required for the title include a proper simplification of the model into a spring-vibration subsystem (the number of springs is denoted by N), and the commercial trampoline elastic mesh surface is regarded as a mass point, assuming that the personnel are from a certain height each time.
The particle can reach the mass point, considering the gravity of the human body, the height of the drop, the stiffness and the bearing capacity of the spring, the distance between the trampoline and the ground, and the parameters are self-made.
2. Analyze the motion of the system under different parameters.
3. Considering the safety of personnel, analyze the conditions under which the system can allow personnel to move safely.
4. Conduct feasibility analysis and evaluation of the safety conditions you have proposed.