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History of trampoline development

Update:13 Oct 2018

History of trampoline development In 1947, the United S […]

History of trampoline development

In 1947, the United States held the first national trampoline exhibition in Texas;

It was included in the official competition since 1948 and was introduced to Europe.

In 1958, the United Kingdom began to hold the All-English Trampoline Championship;

The first World Trampoline Championship was held in the UK in 1964;

The first European trampoline tournament was held in Paris, France in 1969;

In 1999, the International Trampoline Federation became an association of the International Gymnastics Federation;

In the 27th Olympic Games in 2000, the trampoline officially became a competition project.

In the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia, many indoor trampoline parks and trampoline experience halls have been established, which have become a weekend gathering for European and American families and cool for young people.

The new landmark of sports, because this kind of sports is full of happiness and relaxation, people forget the pressure of work all at once, immersed in returning with the children

A happy experience in childhood.

The comprehensive paradise with the theme of trampoline is the development direction of the future amusement industry.

The large integrated trampoline theme park features:

It is a physical exercise program that integrates fitness and entertainment;

It is a parent-child game project that integrates adult children;

It is the best venue for the entertainment and leisure team to expand;

It also meets the special requirements of the sports course, confrontation training, competitive competition, parkour sports, extreme challenges and other projects;

As far as game innovation is concerned, the integration of somatosensory games has fully utilized the game experience from visual to auditory combined with sports challenges.