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Essential knowledge for children's playground safety

Update:14 Feb 2020

Because of the rapid development of the city and the bu […]

Because of the rapid development of the city and the busy work of parents, the children have fewer places to play, and the parents have less time to spend with their children. So every holiday, parents always like to take their baby to the playground to play, and children also like to go. From the parents' point of view, they are still more worried about the safety of their children: children's playgrounds are where accidents happen. Coupled with vacations, adults go there, and more people like trouble.
Warmly remind parents to choose according to the age, height and other requirements of various amusement items. Don't let your baby play games that are not suitable for his height and physique. Do not think that your baby is old enough and brave enough to play. Because recreation facilities are restricted according to height rather than age, they are strictly regulated according to the size of seat belts and safety rods. Fasten your baby's seat belt if necessary.
Dress your baby in simple clothes. Although I always like to dress the baby beautiful or handsome, but when going to the playground, do not dress him too complicated, this will increase the risk index. Do not wear clothes with hats, long skirts, big skirts, and skirts to prevent them from being stepped on and dragged by children, or the clothes may be scraped and fell during the upstream and downstream recreational facilities.
Keep your baby in sight. The large number of people is a major feature of the festival children's playground. Therefore, parents must ensure that the baby is within their sight. Although there must be a caretaker in the indoor playground, if the baby has any accidents, the most anxious is yourself!