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Easy to exercise at any time

Update:19 Jan 2019

[Fitness effect]: 1: Children are getting higher. Adult […]

[Fitness effect]:

1: Children are getting higher. Adult weight loss legs. Lift your hips.

2: From the amount of exercise, continue to jump for 15 minutes, and 30 minutes of jogging or 20 minutes of fitness dance, can be described as less time-consuming, energy-intensive aerobic exercise!!

Adult weight loss:

1: Easy to exercise at any time.

2: Pick a DVD music or sports program that you like, and watch it while you are not tired and the time is fast. Eliminated the troubles of exercise

3: Unlike the treadmill exercise, the thighs are thick and the shoulders are thick and hunched.

4: The advantage of up and down movement is that the chest is long and the neck is long, the waist is straight and the temperament is good. The most important thing is to raise the hips, the legs have no lateral muscles, and the legs are thin!!


1: The body is long, because the up and down jump is the longest movement of the human body in the air. The joint and the gravity of the earth are the best stretch, which is beneficial to the absorption of calcium in the joint. (Basketball players are the best argument)

2: The main point is that trampoline is a soft ground that does not accelerate joint calcification. Long bone growth cycle is best for children.

If you want to make the five major elements of bodybuilding, bones, muscles, fat, skin, and facial features meet the bodybuilding standards, and maintain them well, there are rules and rules to follow. This law and law is the crystallization of long-term human research.