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Do you know the trampoline

Update:14 Dec 2018

When you mention a trampoline, the average person will […]

When you mention a trampoline, the average person will naturally think of childhood games. I feel that the trampoline is a kind of children's entertainment facilities, and street parks can be seen everywhere. In fact, trampolines like basketball or badminton have a wide range of meanings, from children's entertainment to large international competitions, and they range from entertainment, fitness, sports to business performances.

As early as the middle of the 19th century, the Komanci Indians in North America used analogs of trampolines, and circus acrobats used a similar trampoline for at least 200 years. The French acrobat Du Trampolin is the founder of the modern elastic trampoline. The traditional trampoline consists of a jumping surface and a spring-frame structure that lasted for hundreds of years until today. This is why the English name of the trampoline is Trampoline, which should be used to commemorate this clever ancestor. Even today, from the perspective of trampoline structural design, whether it is a children's trampoline on the roadside or a professional competition trampoline used in the Olympic Games, this basic structural design has never been fundamentally changed, but the size, shape, material and quality are It’s different. Sports and entertainment are inseparable, they are equally old and interesting.

For many years, people have been working hard to study how to break through the traditional constraints. Until 2003, in the field of trampoline design, the world's remarkable achievement was finally achieved. After 14 years of research by Keith Alexander (Kish Alexander, Department of Engineering, Canterbury University), the invention of SpringfreeTM (thinking) The global successful launch of the safety sports trampoline has finally broken the century-old structural design concept and safety defects of the traditional trampoline. A spring-free trampoline based on the new 'rod structure' support and the 'soft spine protection net system' concept has finally come out! This is undoubtedly the most landmark design revolution in the history of the development of the trampoline in the past century. Its great significance is to fundamentally solve the safety defects of traditional trampoline equipment, so that the trampoline movement is no longer the exclusive territory of a very small number of professional athletes and stunt performers. As a new generation of high-tech revolutionary products, the safe sports trampoline has paved the way for the trampoline to enter the national fitness field and serve the public.