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Description of the service life of trampoline park product parts

Update:16 Aug 2019

Trampoline steel frame Material column galvanized pipe, […]

Trampoline steel frame
Material column galvanized pipe, reinforced galvanized pipe, reinforced rod galvanized pipe, cross bar galvanized pipe, fenced pipe galvanized pipe. Uses: It is used for the overall structure construction of the trampoline and the fixed surface. The service life is about 8 years.
Trampoline soft pack
Material material: ordinary soft bag contains PVC skin + pearl cotton, wood soft bag contains PVC skin + multi-layer board + pearl cotton. Uses: to avoid direct collision between the user and the trampoline frame: the width of the trampoline is 380mm, the middle is 660mm, the edge of the ball pool is 415mm (35mm is soft bag of wood) Remarks: PVC skin is (surface PVC coating, polyester cloth inside) Service life of 2-3 years
Material material: ordinary enamel surface is PP material color is blue black yellow, professional enamel surface is nylon ribbon material color is white (nylon belt) Use: Carry the user to assist the user to complete various actions. Load-bearing: dynamic 260 kg, static 600 kg classification: 1760*1760mm standard ordinary kneading surface, 4260*2130mm standard body training kneading surface (1510*3860) non-standard size service life 2-3 years
Trampoline wearing parts
Spring material 80# manganese steel. There are 14 springs on each side of the common kneading surface, and a total of 110 springs and four corners of the professional kneading spring. Both spring sizes are different. The sponge block is made of polyurethane (PU) spring and sponge as the wearing parts, and the spring life is stretched 300,000 times. The sponge looks at the customer's use.
Pulling each other can be easily damaged.
In the later stage, we will provide the maintenance manual for the customer's venue, and the maintenance of the venue according to our manual can improve the life of the product.