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About the safety of trampoline products in trampoline manufacturers

Update:11 May 2019

Let's take a look at the design safety issues produced […]

Let's take a look at the design safety issues produced by the trampoline manufacturer. The following are the following:
  1, the surface of the metal frame, you need to check the corresponding instructions before buying, how to evaluate and so on.
  2, the material of the trampoline manufacturer rigid grid support rod is needed, in order to ensure the safety of users need good quality materials.
3, spring, without the protection net or net quality, when the jumper jumps or hits the support bar, the traditional light support frame will become soft, wrinkled and even collapsed.
4. The protective pad is insufficient. After several times of being hit, the protective pad will begin to wear, deform, tear, and seriously lose its ability to absorb the impact. In addition, the sea surface protection pad covering the surface of the spring will also cause safety misleading to the hopper!
The professional staff of a good trampoline manufacturer distributes well, ensuring that the product is not easily damaged. It is a device that integrates beauty, practicality and safety.